Hunters Gold Deer Processing is home to the one and only Certified Master Butcher Adrian Van Zyl.
Adrian holds a degree in Meat specialities from his home country of South Africa qualifying him to hold the
title Master Butcher. He also has been in the meat business for over 30 years. Not only has he been
trained in the field of professional sausage making he has also processed a large variety of wild animals
both in South Africa, USA and Canada. He has held job positions ranging from Meat Specialist to Meat
Market Manager as well as Assistant Store Manager for many large super market chains. We look forward
to offering our customers the best services and highest quality products at a great price.

How did Adrian get to the United States and County road 9?
His wife Catherine is from Lamar County Alabama. She was on her 5th trip to South Africa when she met
the Butcher of Spar Grocery in Springs South Africa. Cat's dad Chuck Shook has been an avid Safari
hunter since the 1970's. Its a great story to hear ask them how they met you will get a laugh.

What makes Adrian different from other processors?  

Well, the breakfast sausage is just like what you would buy in the store to prepare for morning breakfast ,
but the other varieties are just like the traditional boerewors. Boerewors is a traditional sausage made in
South Africa that is a must to have at every Braai-vleis.(BBQ) It dates back to the Afrikaaners settlement
of South Africa. So Adrian makes it but with a twist, he uses the hunters deer meat. And to everyone's
amazement, they don't even taste the deer, their first words are " Is this deer meat!"  So now we have just
about everyone visiting us during the season bringing us their GOLD! And so the Hunter's are truly
Hunter's Gold!  

Another interesting fact:  In South Africa locals drink a beverage called Hunters Gold... Ironically, that is
how Hunter's Gold Deer Processing was named.!
Adrian and Catherine
Charles Shook (Cats Dad) Rhodesia South Africa
With Cape Buffalo
Cat at the Vaal River South Africa