HUNTERS 2011/2012
BEAU BEATTY  Kicked off Mississippi Bow with a nice 7Pt
200lb buck!!! Way to go Beau!!!! He is our first Bow Hunter for
the Season!!
Kicking off Alabama Bow Season with a nice 6 pt is Ryan
Guthrie!!! Way to go Ryan!
Michael Bush with a nice 9 pt Buck!Way to go Michael!
Jimmy Long with a nice 8 pt!
Way to go Jimmy!!
Justin Long with his nice 9 pt. Good
Job Justin!
Debbie Raeta with a BIG Doe! Way
to go Debbie!
The Raeta Family make hunting a
family occasion. Cameron,Debbie,
Alyssa and Ken. Way to go Y'all are
great Hunters!
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Scott Smith with a Nice 12pt buck! Way
to go Scott!
Corey Webb with a Nice 10pt Buck!
Yep going to make some good Boudin!
Toby Mills with a nice 12 pt buck!
Breakfast Sausage on the way
Daniel Holocher with a nice 9 pt buck!
yep Bacon burger for you Daniel~
Conner Wimberly with a huge
9pt buck!! Way to go Conner!
Andrew Lathem with a Huge 10
pt buck! YAY!! Andrew! Great
Michael Clark with his Doe for the
day!Way to go Michael!!!
Delane Bosman with a huge 8pt
buck!!! Way to go Delane~
Mark Sansing with a nice 8pt
buck! Way to go Mark!
Curtis Mcdonald with a nice
doe for the day! Good job
Russell Conn with a huge 10pt
buck! Way to go Russell
Hunter Stripling with Dad Tim and a
really nice 8pt
Lakeesha Branch with her 4pt buck
and its her first buck!
Billy Smith with a really nice 9pt buck!
Great job Billy!
Look at Dillon Mullins with his 5pt
buck! Way to go Dillon!
Derek Lowery with his huge 11pt
monster buck! Good job Derek!
Johnny Snider with his 8pt huge buck!
Way to go Johnny!
Greg Ward with a nice 6pt buck! Way
to go Greg!
Tony Merchant with a nice 9pt buck!
Way to go Tony!!!
Jeff Patrick with a huge 10pt buck!
Way to go Jeff!
Josh Sullivan with a nice 7pt buck!
Great job Josh!!
Mike Clark with a nice 8pt buck! Way
to go Mike!!
Nick Harmon with a nice 8pt buck! Way
to go Nick!
Jay Morrow with a nice 8pt buck! Way
to go Jay!!!
Joey Barnes with his 8pt buck! Joey is
our very own WCBI News Anchor!
Great job Joey!
Brandon Morrow with a nice 8pt buck!
Brandon is in our US Navel
Forces!Way to go Brandon!
Mike Eakin with a huge 10pt buck!
Way to go Mike!
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