Hunters for 2010/2011 Season
2010/2011 Hunting pics !
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First Hunter for the  2010/2011
Jerry May of Columbus brought in a
nice doe for the first day of Mississippi
Bow!!  He will bring more  to Hunters
Gold.. Thanks Jerry!!
Mark Rixie and John Hall with their kill
for the day!!  They are the first hunters
to use the new skinning shed!! Way to
go guys I know  you will bring more our
Oops!! Look who sneaked in on the
Hunters Page!! Its the
Master Butcher
Adrian Van Zyl.  Ready for
season!! He is the one causing all the
hunters to catch the killing frenzy so
they can have sausage!
LOOK AT THIS! We had a  hunter bring us a Moose!  Hunting pics will follow soon..
1st pic and 2nd pic hind 1/4 ,3rd pic the neck.. Now thats allot of meat!!
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Ray Sullivan with his first doe for the season!! Great Job
Ray!! You cant go wrong with Cajun Boudin!
Hunter McManns with his Doe for the
day! Great Job Hunter!
Chandler Powell kicked off Mississippi
Youth weekend with a nice doe!! Way
to go Chandler!!
Jorden Hollowell with his nice buck for
the day!!! Good job Jorden!! I know
you will be back!
Andrew Shook with his first doe  ever!!
Great job Andrew!!!!
Curtis McDonald with his grandpa Loyd Christmas with their
deer and a big Bobcat as long as Curtis!!! Way to go Curtis!!!
Beau Beatty with his very first buck!!!
Great job Beau!!
Trent Eubanks with his doe for the
day!! Yep !!! Cajun sausage is
goood!!! Great job Trent!
Morgan Franks with his huge 8 point!!
Great job Morgan!!!
Blaise Taylor with his huge 8 point!!!
Great job Blaise!!!!
Bryer Bolton with is huge 8 point!!!
Great Job Bryer!!!
Brian Manchester with sons Trevor(7)
and Travis(4) with a doe on opening
day!!! Way to go guys!!!!!
Long Long Long time friends of
(Adrian & Cat) Hunters Gold!! Richard,
Tiffany and Pam Bohon.. They will be
Blade Solar with his huge 8 pt.
buck!!!He was a very very excited
hunter!! Great job Blade!!
Jim Buck Vaughn with his nice 14pt
buck!! Great Job Jim Buck!!
Carson Reece with his doe for the
day!! Good Job Carson!
Brian Griffin with his nice 9pt buck!!
Uncle Loyd Christmas to the left..
Great Job Brian!!
Andrew Latham with his nice 9point
buck!! Good job Andrew!
Jordan Sudduth with is nice 8pt!!  Way
to go Jordan!
Freddie Ellis with his huge 253lb 8pt
buck!! Man it was a Monster
Deer!!Great job Freddie!!
Max Davis with his huge 10pt!! Great
job Max!! Your going to love your
Cajun Breakfast Sausage!!
Terry Flowers,Adrian,and Robert Blunt
These guys have been coming to
Hunters Gold from the beginning!!
They Will be back.. More Pics coming
David Sansing with a nice
buck!!He has always
come to us for years!!
Way to go David!!
Adam Young with his buck for the
day!! Great job Adam!!!!!
Gary Moore with his huge 8pt buck!!!
Gary is a long time friend of Adrian and
Cat!!! Way to go Gary!!
Clifton McDonald with his 8pt buck!!
Way to go Clifton!!!
Amanda Carr with her first doe!!! Way
to go Amanda!!!
David Honeycutt with a real nice 10 pt
way to go David!!!
Josh Newman with a nice 10pt!!! Way
to go Josh... You just cant beat bacon
Wesley Marrow with his buck for the
day!! Way to go Wesley!!
Glenn Lowe with a nice 13 pt. buck..
Way to go Glenn!!! He is a Hunters
Gold regular!!!
Dominique Price with his first doe
ever.. Way to go Dominique!!
Ray Sullivan with his 8pt buck!! Way to
go Ray!!!
Todd Gibson with his nice 10pt buck!!
Way to go Todd!!!!